Upcoming: CLYW Metal Yeti

ozhiriz yoyo news Upcoming: CLYW Metal Yeti

December 12, 2018

The Yeti (CLYW plastic yoyo) has been their most challenging project ever. Plastic Yeti ended their lifespans early due to production problems but they (and us) loving the shape and that feel. So CLYW use precision metal to solve this production issue.

The Metal Yeti has play style that really make us feel like it's an instant classic. They put hub sticker from the very first Yeti production. Many players love the prototype and can't put it down from their hands. First run of Metal Yeti only have solid colours and they made it a lot more than usual, so we can Metal Yeti for 65 USD only!


  • diameter: 58.6mm
  • weight: 67gr
  • width: 45mm

Will be available in January 2019. Stay tuned.
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