Yoyo C3yoyodesign Accelerator Pink / Blue / Silver
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As the name implies, Accelerator is designed for Acceleration and Speed.

Using Peter Pong signature design - P.Wave as blueprint: P.wave is a well-known aggressive design specially made according to Peter's style. Accelerator inherited all the features of P.wave and we also kept the hubs design from P.wave for Fingerspin. The only different from P.wave is the smoothed edges on the rim area which provides a more comfortable hand-grip for players.

Fine-tuning for the weight distribution: We fine-tuned number of times to make Accelerator able to achieve some of our team member's request: "Light weight with Powerful spinning."

No matter you are a speedy, creative, body movement aimed or 3D tricks lover, Accelerator is the best choice in Essential Series!

Affordable price with Extraordinary performance! Accelerator set a new benchmark for Affordable Metal market!!!

Style of play
  • 1A, 3A, 5A