Yoyo C3yoyodesign Initiator Clear
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2A model yo-yo from C3yoyodesign has been updated. This looping yoyo Initiator is contest ready.

Initiator yoyo the result over a year developtment by 2A champion and C3yoyodesign Team. This is a solid throw for any kinds of players. C3yoyodesign successfully made a looping yoyo with their Initiator.

Using a starbust system for response, but you still can modify the responsiveness of the yoyo. By using looping oil, and the choice of string for this yoyo.

Three major upgrades of C3yoyodesign Initiator 2017:
- Cap ultra sonic welding with body
- Lighter 1.0 grams. More speed and easier control
- Fixed gap with professional CNC metal looping spacer

Just open the box and ready for professional loop tricks!!

Style of play
  • 2A