Yoyo C3yoyodesign Railgun Blue
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Railgun yoyo is using c3yoyodesign flagship model "Krown.st" as reference. At the same time, V-shape yoyo probably is the expertise of C3. C3yoyodesign are not leaving this field. C3yoyodesign try even harder to push the limit with "Railgun" to recreate the similar feeling with mono-metal design. So they come up with these:

1) Speedy with good control
2) Powerful spin
3) Light weight in spec but play heavier that the spec value. This is good for long time practice especially Japanese players. Less the weight, less the shoulder stress.
4) Good amount of rim weight to achieve pt.1,2,3 = V-Shape!

Style of play
  • 1A, 3A, 5A