Remaster Galaxy 7075

Yoyo C3yoyodesign Remaster Galaxy 7075 Pegasus
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C3yoyodesign Presents: The Re:Master Galaxy 7075. This Remaster Galaxy yoyo is the first hit of C3yoyodesign 8th anniversary project!

The classic model of c3yoyodesign, Master Galaxy released as prototype in 2011 and finalized the first production version in 2012. This year, the Legend return - Re: Master Galaxy!! The signature wide body width provided ultimate string catch effective area, the balance of stability and speed! In this boosted version, we upgraded the design with a significant boost in speed, response, smoothly, spinning time and accuracy!

During the prototyping stage, we have tested the design with 6061 and 7075 alloys. We confirmed the 7075 model is the most optimized design which gives the best experience and performance to players.

Apart from the out-standing performance, the color of the body is also a meticulous piece of art. As usual, Simpson hands on all the anodization process to create the best color combinations and the visual enjoyment. Besides, sand blasted surface treatment enhanced the appearance and the performance!! The idea of creating the logo is based on the fusion of East and West — a complex multicultural vibe. The Chinese character of ‘Galaxy’, Chinese name of Ma Yi (馬一) and Simpson (黃偉鑠) are hidden in the logo. From 2009 to 2017, 8 years of experience on design, working with different materials, surface treatment and logo design. We refined our original concept of Master Galaxy by keeping the Original Dimension with NEW Weight, NEW Material and NEW Logo. We aimed to create a NEW Masterpiece as the NEW Milestone of C3yoyodesign.

Style of play
  • 1A, 3A, 5A