Bounty Hunter Mark III

Yoyo God Tricks Bounty Hunter Mark III Orange
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Oversized yoyo with lightweight full metal design by God Tricks. Bounty Hunter is one of our favourite yo-yo from God Tricks series.

Bounty Hunter have 56mm which is huge but the weight is only 65.7gr make this yoyo can handle very speedy play, or slowing down for your practice. Features low edge design to keep it from tilting. The shape is step straight with rounded edge to make it softer when you catch it in your hand.

  • Diameter: 56 mm
  • Weight: 65.7 gr
  • Width: 43.5 mm
  • Response: Silicone Pad
  • Bearing: Konkave
  • Material: Aluminium
Style of play
  • 1A, 3A, 5A