Exalted Perseus

Yoyo God Tricks Exalted Perseus Blue

Available color

91.99 USD

Upgraded version of the regular Perseus, using imported Korean aluminium 7075 and stainless steel ring.

Exalted Perseus can be play with low power while maintaining a strong performance of the original. Exalted version has higher step in the middle and change the weight distribution. Play feel is different, Exalted version is slower (but also fast) and easier to control.

From God-Tricks: Exaltion, in Astrology when a planet enters a designated position corresponding to the constellations, it says that the planet is crowned with a powerful force. The name of the yoyo is also according to this term, and the meaning is “Exalted”.

  • Diameter: 57 mm
  • Weight: 64.5 gr
  • Width: 43 mm
  • Response: Silicone Pad
  • Bearing: Konkave
  • Material: Aluminium 7075 + Stainless
Style of play
  • 1A, 3A, 5A