Yoyo SF Yoyos Cadence Purple
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Cadence is Keiran Cooper’s signature yoyo to perform at the high level of competition. Keiran is 2018 NER Champion and take 4th place at 2017 US Nationals.

The wait is over! As requested by many local players, finally we can bring SF to Indonesia. Thanks for the man behind SF. They designed a wide body (46mm) for this Cadence. This yo-yo has light playfeel with 65grams but still a powerful throw because of its thick rim. Cadence can play fast and have good maneuverability to fits any style.

Smooth finish, grind perfectly, and very comfortable in your hand.

*Light Blue have minor anodizing / cosmetic flaw (still smooth spin as butter)

Style of play
  • 1A, 3A, 5A