V5 Catch Part

Accessories Team PreKing V5 Catch Part Red

Available color

9.99 USD

This V5 Catch Part can be used to TPK 95 and make this yoyo V5 catch ready. This part comes with 1 axle, 2 spinning catchzone modules, 3 bearings, and 2 spacer.

"The V5 Catch Zone is a structure that separates the yo-yo into isolated parts, so that the inner hubs can spin freely, thanks to an innovative triple bearing set-up. It also widens the yo-yo's profile." from Yoyo Wiki

Part only, the yo-yo TPK 95 is not included. Buy TPK 95 here

Ozhiriz merupakan tempat jual yoyo yang kamu cari, toko yoyo terpercaya di Indonesia sejak tahun 2010. Beli Accessories Team PreKing V5 Catch Part murah secara online sekarang! Lihat produk lainnya dari Team PreKing disini atau lihat semua yoyo disini