Colossus IV

Yoyo TopYo Colossus IV Galaxy
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Best selling model Colossus improved with IV version. Colossus IV has some tweaks on hub and shape profile.

The Colossus III were very popular in China and also over the world. This 4th generation has a new play style than the old version. New shape brings the new weight distribution, giving the Colossus more stability than before.

Colossus IV comes with blast finish that feels really good in hand, and some nice looking colorways.

  • Diameter: 54.9 mm
  • Weight: 67 gr
  • Width: 42.8 mm
  • Response: Silicone Pad
  • Bearing: 5 Cuts
  • Material: Aluminium 7003
Style of play
  • 1A, 3A, 5A