Top Steel T.S.

Yoyo TopYo Top Steel T.S. Stainless
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TOPYO created the first 100% full stainless yo-yo. Designed to be minimalist and limited 50pcs available worldwide.

Stainless Steel is a heavy metal, but Top Steel still kept the total weight to below 66gr because 0.6mm of thickness wall. Surprisingly Top Steel can plays fast, good maneuverability, and has powerful feel on string. It sounds just like a Titanium yo-yo and we loved it!

This yo-yo come with iron box bamboo cover, a gunny box, string, extra bearing, and extra silicone pad.

  • Diameter: 55.5 mm
  • Weight: 65.8 gr
  • Width: 43.55 mm
  • Response: Silicone Pad
  • Bearing: 5 Cuts
  • Material: Stainless
Style of play
  • 1A, 3A, 5A