O1 Ezspin

The next generation of EZ (easy) yoyo is here - EZSPiN. Vosun made it to modern design with popular shape and good quality for worldwide players.

The original prototype was based on other 2 successful design, the V6-Petrichor & 8S-Vanquish. Front design update from Petrichor and distributing more weight to the outer ring, which make the yo-yo has much more spinning time. Side shape you may find updating from Vanquish, which has a bigger width in the A-zone.

Vosun EZSPiN has aggresive V-shape body with perfect weight distribution. It's not a bi-metal yoyo, Vosun polished the rings to make this yoyo more shiny and beautiful.

Style of play
  • 1A, 3A, 5A

Ozhiriz merupakan tempat jual yoyo yang kamu cari, toko yoyo terpercaya di Indonesia sejak tahun 2010. Beli Yoyo Vosun O1 Ezspin murah secara online sekarang! Lihat produk lainnya dari Vosun disini atau lihat semua yoyo disini

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