O1 Ezspin

Yoyo Vosun O1 Ezspin Purple

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29.99 USD
19.99 USD

The next generation of EZ (easy) yoyo is here - EZSPiN. Vosun made it to modern design with popular shape and good quality for worldwide players.

The original prototype was based on other 2 successful design, the V6-Petrichor & 8S-Vanquish. Front design update from Petrichor and distributing more weight to the outer ring, which make the yo-yo has much more spinning time. Side shape you may find updating from Vanquish, which has a bigger width in the A-zone.

Vosun EZSPiN has aggresive V-shape body with perfect weight distribution. It's not a bi-metal yoyo, Vosun polished the rings to make this yoyo more shiny and beautiful.

Style of play
  • 1A, 3A, 5A