Shooter V2

Yoyo Yoyo Apartment Shooter V2 Multicolor

Available color

24.99 USD

Yoyo Apartment Shooter V2 is back to our store. Since 2014 we loss contact with the Yoyo Apartment, and finally 2017 they are back with a stunning color of Shooter V2.

Shooter V2 has wide V-shape profile with solid feel on the string. 52mm diameter and 44.8 width make this yoyo feel small in your hand compared to other yoyos nowadays. Shooter V2 is very good for speed style and horizontal play, It can land to you string easily because of its wide V-shape profile. For yoyo under 30 bucks? Don't lose your chance to have this beast!

Style of play
  • 1A, 3A, 5A

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