Boreas Pro

Yoyo Yoyo Empire Boreas Pro Frosted
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YOYOEMPIRE Boreas PRO is a new plastic yoyo with PC plastic (transparent) as its material. The yoyo is equipped with stainless steel ring which can make PRO spins longer than other plastic yoyo.

PRO has a very smooth finish so good for grind tricks, especially on the part of the hub design is pleasant to do fingerspin. PRO is ready with you wherever you go!

Style of play
  • 1A, 3A, 5A

Ozhiriz merupakan tempat jual yoyo yang kamu cari, toko yoyo terpercaya di Indonesia sejak tahun 2010. Beli Yoyo Yoyo Empire Boreas Pro murah secara online sekarang! Lihat produk lainnya dari Yoyo Empire disini atau lihat semua yoyo disini