F3 Comet

Yoyo Yoyoformula F3 Comet White
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This is the first offstring yoyo by YoyoFormula - F3 Comet. Use a strong POM/Derlin as material for those of you who are beginning to learn to play offstring.

Yoyoformula creates a new sub-brand for this yoyo called Constantly, this F3 Comet is designed by Jason Tan and HonMe. After the success with 1A yo-yo, YoyoFormula tries to make offstring that good for beginners. The yoyo has good value for money with POM material (this material is stronger than regular plastic).

Hub design is very capable to do fingerspin tricks. Want to start offstring? you can add this yoyo to your list.

**NOTE: Due to the design of the F3 Comet it is more prone to vibe than other YoyoFormula models.

Style of play
  • 4A