Yoyo Yoyorecreation Aeronaut Green
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Yoyorecreation well known as the finest high-perfomance yoyo creator from Japan. Aeronaut is one of their budget 4A / Offstring yoyo with their control of quality.

Yoyorecreation Aeronaut is awesome 4A yoyo that build for beginner - professional. The design can give you maximum catch zone to land your yoyo, amazing spintime, and unbelievable maneuverability. YoYoRecreation used highly durable plastic and curved the inner walls to absorb the drop shocks, plus the translucent plastic is really cool looking!

Note: Aeronaut come without any packaging, but don't worry. We will pack your items securely. This yoyo is prone to vibe compared to any other Yoyorecreation models (it's because of the plastic material)

  • Diameter: 79.6 mm
  • Weight: 77 gr
  • Width: 58.8 mm
  • Response: Silicone pad
  • Bearing: Size C
  • Material: Plastic
Style of play
  • 4A