Nephthys 7075

Yoyo Yoyozhiriz Nephthys 7075 Jet Black
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Nephthys is the 4th model from Yoyozhiriz Indonesia. The idea came from curiosity how differences in two types of material (7075 & 6061) on the same yoyo profile.

The difference is in the thickness of the body, we add a little weight to the rim for 6061 models that yoyo nice to play. While the 7075 models use a body that is slightly thinner but still feels solid. The result we were pleased with the production Nephthys.

Nephthys engraving designs created by Oke Rosgana. He is a proffesional yoyo player from Indonesia, started yoyoing in 2000. Google him if you don't know Oke Rosgana. Lol

Limited only 10pcs made.

Style of play
  • 1A, 3A, 5A